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Global “Love the Leuser Ecosystem” Movement Brings Unprecedented Attention to Little Known Biodiversity Hotspot

  Global “Love the Leuser Ecosystem” Movement Brings Unprecedented Attention to Little Known Biodiversity Hotspot Regional and international NGOs, renowned graphic artist, wildlife photographer and actor Leonardo DiCaprio join forces to highlight the world-class values at stake in Indonesia Jakarta/Banda Aceh/San Francisco/New York/London – The Amazon, The Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Canyon . .

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GROUND-BREAKING DISCOVERY: Survey of uncharted Myanmar region finds Southeast Asia’s last great wilderness

Yangon, Myanmar (3 March) – The Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative (KWCI), with financial support from WWF and other partners, have conducted six camera traps surveys in the hill forests of Northern Karen State, Myanmar, previously inaccessible to biologists and conservationists for security and political reasons. The surveys found at least 31 mammals including tigers, leopards

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Freedom for Javan gibbons

On August 10 another family of Javan gibbons were released back into Puntang Reserve in West Java. Mel, Pooh and baby Asri had undergone many years of rehabilitation at the Javan Gibbon Centre after being rescued from the illegal pet trade.   Wildlife Asia’s partner, the Silvery Gibbon Project supported the establishment of the JGC

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Leo DiCaprio visits Leuser!

Leonardo Di Caprio met with the team in Sumatra recently to get a first hand look at the impact of forest destruction in this region. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is supporting our local partners to establish a Mega-Fauna Sanctuary in the Leuser Ecosystem and Leo personally is a strong advocate for forest protection globally. After

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Racing Extinction in the Leuser Ecosystem Indiegogo Launch

Here it is!! Wildlife Asia is very excited to launch our crowd funding campaign. When we first learned of the Leuser Ecosystem and heard how the last place on Earth was being destroyed for Conflict Palm Oil, we knew we had to take action, and today we’re so proud to bring you Racing Extinction in

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BREAKING NEWS: Poaching Crisis in the Leuser Ecosystem

One of our anti-poaching patrol teams in the Leuser Ecosystem just sent us these brutal images. In their 15 day patrol the 5 rangers destroyed 70 snares in total. This is extremely alarming since the total snares found for the whole of last year was 175. What’s worse is that five of this month’s snares

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A note from our Directors

"Bears have been part of human culture for millions of years…inspiring a sense of awe and power. Sadly today thousands of bears are suffering unimaginable cruelty at the hands of mankind. Help us to end the suffering and keep bears in the wild, where they belong.”

Matt Hunt

( Board Member )

"It's not wildlife versus people. It's not the environment versus the economy. It's about whether we let a rich greedy few make huge profits at the expense of the powerless - wildlife, indigenous communities, poor rural communities and future generations. There is nothing wrong with being rich, however they should not be allowed to make obscene profits by passing on the true cost of their industry to others, through loss of environmental services, world heritage and climate change."

Leif Cocks

( President )

" When a species like rhino has been walking this earth for 40 million years, how can we be the generation to sit back and watch them become extinct? Be part of the change and join us in the fight to save them and other magnificent species of the Asian rain forests."

Sophie Dentrinos

( Board Member )

"Each of us is 97% orangutan. The other 3% does not grant us superiority but rather responsibility. Responsibility for those without a voice and responsibility for those which our actions negatively impact."

Clare Campbell

( Director )

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