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As we move through the 21st Century, conservation of wildlife has become a flagship for change, as the destruction of rainforest becomes a major driver of global warming. Whilst talk of broad scale solutions dominate political agendas, we continue to see very little on ground action, or the necessary effective large scale activities from either governments or large well established Non-Government Organisations (NGO). Projects that genuinely support this required change are largely undertaken by small species specific NGOs, many of whom fight to protect small habitat areas critical to their species.

Protection of forest is critical to life and the current rate of destruction cannot be sustained. This is not only scientifically proven but to the average person is plainly apparent as the consequences of global warming devastate communities. We know it needs to stop and on a personal level most of us are prepared to start making those small changes. But will it be too little too late?

Wildlife Asia is a collaboration between grass roots but highly effective conservation organisations. These organisations have grown and developed as both lean and efficient, generating significant funding for species focused projects throughout South East Asia. Recognising the need to address the large scale conservation initiatives, it makes sense to pool resources and administrate under one banner. Wildlife Asia also provides the opportunity to present to donors a broader focused delivery and more appealing sponsorship and donation options.

We hope that our supporters will agree with this new and enterprising approach to wildlife conservation and that Wildlife Asia can become a recognisable and trusted brand through the demonstration of genuine and successful projects that truly improve the state of our planet.

Welcome on board as we work together for a sustainable future!



Wildlife Asia
Association: A1015623S
Charitable Collections License: 21341
Register of Environmental Organisations 4.12.12 (Proof of Tax Deductibility)
ABN: 32 143 935 769

The primary objective of Wildlife Asia is the protection and enhancement of the natural habitat of orangutans, gibbons, Asian rhinos, bears, elephants, tigers and other Asian wildlife.

Wildlife Asia is a not for profit association raising funds in Australia
to increase conservation contribution, capacity and efficiency for wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Asia and its field programs are active, throughout South East Asia in:
• habitat protection (in particular tropical rainforest),
• wildlife conservation (in particular orangutan, rhino, bear, gibbon, elephant and tiger), and
• sustainable development for local communities.

Wildlife Asia member organisations include:

  • The Orangutan Project
  • The Silvery Gibbon Project
  • The Asian Rhino Project
  • Free the Bears
  • International Elephant Project

More about Wildlife Asia

We now have a shining example of how like minded charities can work together to increase their direct and real on the ground contributions to the conservation and welfare of wildlife.

The Orangutan Project, The Asian Rhino Project, Free the Bears and The Silvery Gibbon Project, all long standing Registered Australian Environmental Organisations with Tax Deductible Status, have joined to form a new umbrella organisation called ‘Wildlife Asia’. The primary objective of Wildlife Asia is to increase: conservation contribution, capacity and efficiency for wildlife conservation.

Wildlife in Asia is reaching a crisis point. Due to habitat loss and poaching many species have their backs against the wall. This new holistic approach will give the Australian private, philanthropist and business communities the opportunity to contribute to broad reaching support for wildlife in Asia, backed by four of Australia’s premier conservation charities. Already formed by four of the most efficiency conservation charities within Australia, Wildlife Asia will create even more efficiencies through ‘shared services’, to ensure that even more of every dollar raised can go straight to the field.

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