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Our website is currently in need of improved functionality. Websites and social media are critical to our fundraising activities and to enable us to be an effective educational resource. Whilst our donors understand this they also prefer to see their funds go directly to field projects. If you are able to assist with pro bono support or a specific donation to assist with website redevelopment, PR or marketing activities please contact us immediately.

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  • This image from Paul Hilton so beautifully captures the connection and commitment this incredible w
    30/Nov/2016 06:22
  • We are so incredibly disappointed to report that yesterdays decision did not go in favour of conserv
    30/Nov/2016 06:12
  • Still waiting!
    29/Nov/2016 07:36
  • GeRAM standing strong waiting in the Jakarta state court right now on 29th November. After the 3 wee
    29/Nov/2016 06:58
  • People power matters!! Join the GeRAM Action Week before the court verdict is delivered tomorrow, T
    28/Nov/2016 10:57
  • 28/Nov/2016 03:24
  • 17/Nov/2016 01:41
  • More great work from our Youth Ambassadors! "Thank you American School of Marrakech for an enlighten
    15/Nov/2016 13:25
  • Wildlife Asia just loves kids who want to make a difference ❤️ Many of you may remember Finn, wh
    14/Nov/2016 03:19
  • Don't forget November 30 is Kids Cut Conflict Palm Oil Day. Want your school to get involved? Visit
    10/Nov/2016 02:14
  • After much anticipation the The Aceh Citizen Lawsuit Movement (GeRAM) court verdict was delayed for
    09/Nov/2016 01:21
  • Great article from Metro UK about our Kids Cut Conflict Palm Oil Youth Ambassadors raising awareness
    08/Nov/2016 01:24
  • FREE STREAMING EXTENDED!!!! Please please please watch this. 1 hr and 40 mins that will arm you with
    07/Nov/2016 04:51
  • Abu Kari Aman Jarum is one of the 9 plaintiffs of the Aceh Citizen Lawsuit Movement (GeRAM) and has
    06/Nov/2016 23:05
  • Don’t miss out on Leonardo DiCaprio’s long awaited documentary on #ClimateChange, Before The Flo
    06/Nov/2016 06:55
  • New funding for gibbon conservation! The SSA has created the “Save the Gibbon Fund” from money r
    06/Nov/2016 04:10
  • Check out this inspiring animation!! It tells the story of the brave struggle of an Aceh community m
    05/Nov/2016 01:45
  • The GeRAM citizen lawsuit case is heading towards its conclusion! The final decision will be heard i
    04/Nov/2016 06:34
  • A great little video from two Junior Team Members, Imari and Una launching Kids Cut Conflict Palm O
    01/Nov/2016 01:39
  • We are very sad to report that the gibbon rescued during the week did not make it, despite the very
    28/Oct/2016 12:34
  • Inspiring community movement to protect the Leuser Ecosystem. Well worth sharing this awesome little
    28/Oct/2016 12:20
  • A sneak peak from Before the Flood with footage from Leo's visit to Leuser. Forest Nature and Enviro
    26/Oct/2016 03:59
  • Last month we were able to take award winning photographer Paul Hilton into the forests of Java to w
    26/Oct/2016 02:47
  • Check out the time and date below for free streaming of Leo DiCaprio's new documentary 'Before the F
    26/Oct/2016 01:58
  • Today is INTERNATIONAL GIBBON DAY! There are so many gibbons whose lives have been saved thanks to
    24/Oct/2016 02:27


  • Thank you @nickbowditch So much to take home from your honest and raw advice today. Can’t wait to read your book #ChangeTheWorldThu Nov 24 07:34:21 +0000 2016
  • Learning to tell our story a little better, engaging people to invest in their future! #ChangeTheWorldThu Nov 24 05:35:04 +0000 2016
  • Don’t miss out on #BeforeTheFlood, featuring HAkA’s Farwiza and the #LeuserEcosystem. Watch it: Nov 07 04:50:12 +0000 2016
  • Abu Kari Aman Jarum has fought to #SaveLeuserEcosystem for over 40 years. Join the fight by signing the petition:… Nov 06 19:05:15 +0000 2016
  • Actor/activist @LeoDiCaprio signed the petition to #SaveLeuserEcosystem. Please sign too!: Nov 05 23:50:11 +0000 2016
  • Watch the GeRAM animation on their struggle to #SaveLeuserEcosystem: Nov 05 06:45:09 +0000 2016
  • RT @haka_sumatra: Thank you very much @wildlifeasia13 for the support! Sign the petition NOW! We need 2700 more to reach our target! #SaveL…Fri Nov 04 07:36:19 +0000 2016
  • I stand with @haka_sumatra in support of Aceh's citizen's lawsuit movement (GeRAM) to #SaveLeuserEcosystem, sign: Nov 04 06:26:58 +0000 2016
  • Release of the Gibbon via @NatGeoWed Oct 26 03:28:10 +0000 2016
  • RT @RacingXtinction: Quarter million people called for @PepsiCo to cut Conflict Palm Oil! @RAN @wildlifeasia13 http…Tue Oct 04 02:00:10 +0000 2016
  • It is time to make some changes @PepsiCo @RAN @RacingXtinction #cutconflictpalmoil Aug 26 01:31:36 +0000 2016
  • Half an hour left! This is about to be sold well below value...get in quick, bid now at Jun 26 08:39:06 +0000 2016
  • Thank you @LeoDiCaprio You can own this amazing piece by Irene Hoff, signed by Leo. Bid now Jun 23 10:01:24 +0000 2016
  • Check out this amazing art by Irene Hoff and signed by @LeoDiCaprio Save wildlife in the Leuser Ecosystem. BID NOW Jun 20 22:55:11 +0000 2016
  • Orangutan artwork signed by @LeoDiCaprio BID NOW #SaveLeuserEcosystem #StartWith1Thing Jun 20 03:44:28 +0000 2016
  • I believe in @_WilderGreen. Listen here: #EarthDay #GreenEyes #SaveLeuserEcosystemSat Apr 23 11:00:52 +0000 2016
  • 100% of this song's proceeds go to protecting wildlife in Leuser. Listen here and support: #EarthDay #GreenEyesFri Apr 22 11:53:32 +0000 2016
  • What an amazing bunch of people working their butts off to #SaveLeuserEcosystem. This is just one of many milestones Mar 30 06:07:33 +0000 2016
  • @LeoDiCaprio shining the spotlight on Leuser. Thank you! #SaveLeuserEcosystem Mar 30 06:04:41 +0000 2016
  • Thanks for joining us Perth! #RacingExtinction #StartWith1Thing Stay tuned for the next screening and let's go big! Mar 07 07:07:49 +0000 2016

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