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91% of Wildlife Asia’s spending is directed towards our field programs, supporting on-ground wildlife conservation activities. As a lean organisation, with minimal overheads, we demonstrate a commitment to our donors that their contributions will have a direct impact on protecting species and habitat.

Grants $582,612 45%
Private Donations $685,894 53%
Interest/Other $20,772 2%
TOTAL INCOME $1,289,278
Program $1,385,062 91%
Fundraising $20,504 1.5%
Admin $114,587 7.5%

Annual Report 2018

Wildlife Asia Annual Report

A Message from our Executive Director

The growth and evolution of an NGO can of course be measured by an increase in monetary support to field programs, something Wildlife Asia has certainly achieved over the last financial year. More importantly though, it should be measured on impact towards it’s vision and demonstrated results according to planned activities.

I am proud to direct an organisation demonstrating commitment to building capacity of local communities and NGO’s as we progress towards a time when long-term, community-based sustainable conservation practices mean that we, as an International NGO become redundant.


Thank you to our supporters for placing trust in Wildlife Asia to develop effective long-term solutions and to respond appropriately to emerging issues impacting wildlife and habitat.


To many more victories in 2019!

Clare Campbell
Executive Director